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Find relief for shoulder pain and rotator cuff issues

Shoulder pain and rotator cuff issues can be debilitating.  Dr. Moffatt's chiropractic care can help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Shoulder Problems


Shoulder problems involve burning pain or tension in the muscles between the neck

and shoulder region. Poor head and neck posture due to constant stress or an unresolved past trauma can be the cause of such pain.



We’ll evaluate and identify the specific postural imbalances causing your pains. Chiropractic care combined with electrical muscle stimulation and/or manual muscle therapy can restore optimal posture and function. You may also be advised on some stretching, exercises and ergonomics at home or in your workplace.

Rotator Cuff Problems


The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint and is prone to injuries such as strains and tears. Direct trauma or continual stress can cause mild pain, severe pain, slight impairment, or total loss of function in the rotator cuff.



After identifying the part of the rotator cuff that is injured, we’ll advise chiropractic treatment that restores proper motion of the shoulder joint. Treatment may include — electrical muscle stimulation, stretching, muscle strengthening exercises, heat or ice, range of motion exercises. This kind of treatment is slow and may take a long time

but it is important that you follow the plan for maximum effectiveness.

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