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Chiropractic care for your ear infection in Uniontown, PA

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How we can help with your ear infections


Symptoms may include fever, earache, ear pain, hearing loss, feeling of blockage in the ear, and dizziness.  These symptoms can result from spinal misalignments, most-commonly in the neck region, that irritate the nerves associated with the ears.


Cases of frequent ear infections (more common in children) are often caused by a slight “kink” in the Eustachian tube that drains fluid from the ear.  This “kink” traps fluid and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.



Chiropractic adjustments can restore function to the nerves associated with the ears.  Adjustments of the top vertebrate in the neck can also relax the “kink” in the Eustachian tube and allow the trapped fluid to drain properly.


When working with children, chiropractors typically use gentle adjustments involving very light pressure, as opposed to the more-manual adjustments used on adults.

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