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Experiencing dizziness Treating anxiety of dizziness

If you have experienced vertigo or dizziness, even intermittently, you know first-hand the discomfort and anxiety these conditions can cause.  Chronic recurrence of dizzy spells can have serious impacts on your life, making everyday actions like walking or driving risky.

Skilled chiropractic treatment can restore you to balance

If you experience dizziness or vertigo, you are not alone

 •  Subluxation or nerve irritation in the neck may be the underlying cause of vertigo

 •  Realigning your spine can re-establish your body's internal communication

 •  Get your brain and your body working as one again


Episodes of dizziness are one of the most common reasons people seek medical

treatment. Dizziness is the feeling of being drunk, giddy, woozy, or unsteady.

You feel imbalanced or experience disequilibrium without actually turning or spinning.

Vertigo is a hallucination of motion with can be linear (straight ahead), falling, or rocking.

It results from dysfunctions in the spinal column or subluxation (nerve irritation / altered range of motion) in the neck. Subluxation, especially in the neck, can interfere with nerve

and blood flow to the spinal cord and inner ear. If you’ve been experiencing a spinning, turning, or whiling sensation, you need to visit us.



We’ll remove irritating to the nervous system, thereby restoring communication between

the body and the brain.  Call Dr. Moffatt to find out whether chiropractic care can

bring back your sense of balance and your feeling of wellbeing.


If your vertigo is caused by spinal maladjustment, your first symptom may

have been neck pain.  

Free yourself from the anxiety of dizziness or vertigo

Dr. Moffatt has been using his unique chiropractic techniques to help patients with dizziness and a range of other physical complaints since 2000.

Get back your sense of balance and wellbeing