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Helping the body heal itself


Auto accidents can cause all sorts of muscular and skeletal problems, with spinal issues being some of the worst and most long-lasting.


Chiropractic adjustments and electrical muscle stimulation can aid your body in restoring proper movement and easing pain.

Auto accident chiropractic care in Uniontown, PA can help restore your body

Don't let pain and suffering after an auto accident keep you from enjoying life!

Whiplash / Auto Accidents


Whiplash is hyperflexion or extension injury of the neck. It involves rapid, forceful combination or forward and backward head and neck movement. It can be the result

of an auto accident, trauma, slips, falls, sport injuries and can occur even during minor low-velocity impacts. Symptoms vary from tightness to severe pain, nausea, dizziness, headaches and / or vision difficulties.



Auto accident chiropractic therapy in Uniontown, PA can restore optimal alignment and function to the spinal vertebrae. Passive modalities including electrical muscle stimulation, traction and ice / heat can provide relief and correct posture misalignments.


If you’ve suffered a whiplash injury, visit us within 24 – 48 hours, whether or not

you’ve experienced the symptoms, to prevent long-term problems.

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