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Painful joints, whether in the discs of the spine or in fingers or limbs, can present

a physical challenge. Fortunately, chiropractic care offers relief for you. Dr. Moffatt's comprehensive treatment plans restore you to mobility and ease your pain.

Chiropractic care treats many causes of joint and nerve pain

You can trust Dr. Moffatt with your care

 •  Arthritis: reduce inflammation and improve mobility

 •  Carpal tunnel syndrome: improve function and prevent further impairment

 •  Degenerative joint disease: reduce the effects of stress on the joints

 •  Degenerative disc disease: restore optimal posture to relieve pain

 •  Herniated discs: safely and effectively relieve pressure on the affected disc

Research has shown that chiropractic treatment is an effective way to address the

root causes of your joint and nerve pain. Comprehensive treatment may include

ergonomic assessments, exercises and stretching, and nutritional supplements,

in addition to chiropractic manipulation.


Impairment of the sciatic nerve can cause pain and impair mobility. Chiropractic treatment in help you heal from sciatica, as well as fibromyalgia.

You don't have to surrender to joint and nerve pain

The best treatment for degenerative joint disease is early detection and prevention.  Dr. Moffatt will work with you to spot the signs of the early disease so you never have to suffer.

Find relief from joint and nerve pain



Arthritis is the inflammation of your joints. It is characterized by pain, redness, stiffness, tenderness to touch, swelling, and warmth. There are over 100 types of arthritic afflictions.



Chiropractic care is a tried and proven treatment for arthritis. It improves joint function and reduces inflammation. Aligning the spinal column and other joints can provide relief.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness and tingling of the hand along the median nerve (the thumb, index, middle, and part of the fourth fingers). These sensations are more pronounced at night and can awaken you.



Chiropractic treatment includes manipulation of the spine and upper extremity joints, electrical muscle stimulation, ergonomics, manual soft tissue therapy, and home exercises.

Degenerative Joint Disease


Degenerative Joint Disease and Degenerative Disc Disease is caused by the repetitive

wear and tear in the spine, extremities, joints, and spinal discs. It is followed by loss of motion, breakdown of joint cartilage and, in severe cases, permanent fusion of a joint.

The symptoms include stiffness, weakness, pain, “clicking” or “popping” of joints and a loss of function. These symptoms could be continual or constant and ranges from mild to debilitating. The conditions could be dormant for long periods before the symptoms begin to appear. Apart from being hereditary and age-related, degenerative diseases are a combination of:

1. Large amounts of stress

2. How the body copes with the stress.



While prevention is the best treatment, chiropractors rely on treating the symptoms through:

1. Evaluation and X-rays of affected joints

2. Chiropractic manipulation to restore posture and reduce stress on joints

3. Ergonomic training to reduce stress in your environment

4. Stretching and other exercises to improve joint strength and range of motion

5. Nutritional supplements that make the joint tissues healthy. (Dr. Moffatt uses and recommends Arthrisea.)


Disc Herniations


Disc herniation can cause localized pain at the region where the spine is affected. Symptoms depend on the location of the herniation, the severity, and whether or not nerve tissue is being irritated, but can sometimes present no symptoms at all.



You will undergo an evaluation to determine the extent and area of herniation. We’ll help reduce stress and pressure on the herniated disc with chiropractic adjustments to restore spinal posture. Research shows that “the care of inter-vertebral disc herniation by chiropractic adjustment is both safe and effective.”

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