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Chiropractic care for allergies and asthma in Uniontown, PA

You can get help for you or your allergies and asthma symptoms!

How we can help with your allergies or asthma symptoms


•    Runny nose

•    Stuffy nose

•    Sneezing

•    Nasal itching (rubbing)

•    Itchy ears and throat

•    Post nasal drip (throat clearing)



While anti-histamines have helped to reduce the severity of some allergy symptoms, these are not without side effects.  For this reason, natural alternatives to anti-histamine medication should be pursued.  Because allergies are caused by an improper immune response, reducing allergies requires improving the health of the immune system.  


One of the best ways to improve immune system function is to improve nervous system function.  Because the nervous system regulates the immune system, a properly functioning nervous system is better able to coordinate immune response in the body.  Chiropractic adjustments have helped many allergy sufferers by improving the function of the nervous system.

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